Navigating the complex international travel process

Our Profile

NEXUS is the exclusively licensed company in Saudi Arabia for independent Flight Operations Services. Our headquarters are based in Jeddah, with additional locations worldwide.

The owners have extensive experience in aviation, serving some of the most elite clients in the Middle East and Africa.

NEXUS understands the challenges that come with aircraft operation in this region of the world, and helps customers navigate the complex international travel process.

Since its inception, NEXUS has established numerous vendor relationships and partnered with highly respected international companies including: leading aviation training company FlightSafety International, international security services company FAM International, and Middle East aviation consultancy firm MAZ Aviation Consultants.

Our Locations
Our Vision

NEXUS is proud to be a global leader in worldwide aviation services of the highest quality. We offer exceptional concierge and flight dispatch to crew scheduling and maintenance management, while providing superior technical expertise and total convenience to every client.

As the first and only licensed company in Saudi Arabia and Bahrain to set up independent Flight Operations Services, we provide first-class amenities to elite clients in the Middle East, Africa, and across the globe.

NEXUS is continuously innovating to make cutting-edge technologies and service methodologies available to our valued customers around the world.

Our Core Values


We understand the value of business integrity in international flight operations. At NEXUS, we treat every person with the individual respect they deserve, and are firmly committed to delivering outstanding travel services to all customers. Integrity begins with the leadership of our organization, and is the guiding principle that influences every single business decision we make.


Simply put, international flight operations is about people doing business with people. We understand that we are judged by the quality of our leadership, management, and staff. That’s why we only hire the very best professionals in the industry who are passionate about delivering an exceptional travel experience to customers.

  Commitment to Quality

At NEXUS, we are determined to gain your trust by delivering service excellence every time. Our ability to serve the complex travel needs of our customers is unmatched in the industry. By choosing NEXUS, you’re choosing the global leader in worldwide aviation services of the finest quality.


NEXUS is continually innovating to ensure we maintain our leadership position in aviation operation services that help customers navigate the complex international travel process with ease. We offer cutting-edge security products and safety services while adhering to the most stringent international regulations.


Our business is built on creativity and it shows in the heart and soul of our company’s culture and business operations. We anticipate the needs of our customers and deliver on the promise of total convenience. At NEXUS, we’re careful about who we choose as partners by selecting only the most highly respected international companies specializing in flight training, international security, and Middle East aviation.


There’s no other company quite like NEXUS in the industry. As the first and only licensed company in Saudi Arabia and Bahrain to set up independent Flight Operations Services, we have earned the respect of aviation industry leaders, our esteemed customers, and our employees by delivering a full range of concierge services of the highest class. We are uniquely committed to creating relationships that help transform the everyday customer experience into something extraordinary.