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NEXUS is a comprehensive solution for all of your aviation needs with our suite of turnkey solutions including world-class training programs, specialized security services, and flight dispatch and handling.

Our sophisticated infrastructure is the backbone of NEXUS flight operations. We utilize the most advanced and widely respected aviation software in the industry, custom designed in a way that allows NEXUS to offer unmatched flight support to third parties.

NEXUS is well positioned for continued success offering superior quality aviation services worldwide, while adhering to the most stringent international regulations.

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Flight Operations Services


Flight Planning Services

NEXUS has a team of experienced and trained Flight Management Executives who provide customers with the professional services required to accurately plan their flights.

Producing an accurate and optimized flight plan requires several complex calculations to arrive at the appropriate choice of route, height, speed and fuel, while complying with air traffic control and other safety requirements. The flight plan also needs to account for the effects of weather, wind direction and speed. Finally, the flight plan needs to include sufficient safety margins (e.g. carrying extra fuel) to adjust to unforeseen circumstances.

In addition to drawing up the actual flight plan, NEXUS plans to provide these additional services to its customers:

Advisories for Crew

It is often necessary to communicate special advisories to the deck crew to convey safety precautions or special conditions. NEXUS provides around-the-clock advisories to the deck crew when necessary.

Traffic Rights Requests

Traffic Rights are required for all flights to ensure safe distances are maintained between in-flight aircraft. NEXUS provides assistance in applying for these with the appropriate aviation authorities.

Transport Security Administration Permits for USA

The TSA manages security at airports and other transportation hubs in the USA. Entry into USA requires that TSA permits are obtained. NEXUS assists with applying for and obtaining TSA permits.

Airport Fire and Rescue Category Upgrades

As airports add infrastructure to ensure compliance with fire safety standards, they can be upgraded to a higher category to indicate increased fire safety. NEXUS assists customers with filing compliance documentation with appropriate authorities and informing customers of the new category.

Landing Permits

Most countries require prior clearances to be obtained before landing in their territory. NEXUS provides assistance in obtaining the required permits.

Overflight Clearances

Most countries require prior clearances to be obtained before overflight in their territory. NEXUS provides assistance in obtaining the required permits.

Ground Handling Arrangements

Ground Handling covers the complex series of processes required to deplane passengers and unload baggage and cargo from an aircraft on arrival and re-board and re-load prior to departure.

For commercial aircraft, the turnaround time is critical for aircraft utilization as well as customer satisfaction.. NEXUS has trained and efficient professional staff to efficiently assist with ground handling for both private and commercial flights.

Customs and Immigration

NEXUS provides assistance to help customers comply with and clear customs and immigration formalities.


It is often preferable to arrange hangarage for an aircraft to prevent damage from sun exposure and inclement weather. Further, hangarage can be required if the aircraft requires cleaning or unscheduled maintenance. NEXUS arranges suitable hangarage for its clients when desired or required.

Electronic Advanced Passenger Information System (EAPIS) Services

EAPIS is a system established for commercial airline and vessel operators flying to the United States of America. EAPIS enhances border security by providing officers with pre–arrival and departure manifest data on all passengers and crew members. Flight operators are required to submit passenger data to the EAPIS system prior to departure. NEXUS assists its customers in transmitting the information accurately, ensuring compliance with the border security regulations in the destination country.

Refueling Arrangements

NEXUS optimizes fuel decisions for its clients’ flights, ensuring at all times that sufficient fuel reserves are on-board for maximum safety and compliance with regulatory requirements. The NEXUS Fuel Management team negotiates favorable pricing across the flight itinerary and leverages the fuel tankering capability of each aircraft to take advantage of contract pricing at major airports, resulting in cost savings for the client.

Airport Parking Arrangements

Landing and parking slots at most busy metropolitan airports need to be pre–booked with availability confirmed prior to departure from origin. The slot details also need to be conveyed to the crew in a timely manner. NEXUS secures the required landing and parking slots for every flight prior to departure.

Airport Categorizations

NEXUS’ professional staff analyzes each upcoming trip and ensures that every airport in the itinerary has the appropriate infrastructure, safety systems and aircraft and passenger services to support the particular aircraft and trip requirements. In cases where appropriate services are not available, NEXUS will recommend the next best destination airport.

Security Arrangements

NEXUS provides security arrangements for its passengers and aircraft, when requested.

RTW (Reduced Takeoff and Landing Weight) Charts

NEXUS prepares RTW charts for flights based on the route selected, upon request.

NOTAMS (Notice to Airmen’s) Services

NOTAMS are created and issued by government agencies to alert pilots of any en route hazards. Pilots are required to check with flight services for all applicable NOTAMS prior to flight. NEXUS communicates critical NOTAMS to its customers.


Accurate weather reports are essential for proper flight planning. NEXUS provides real-time weather reports and advisory services to its customers.

Computerized Flight Plan for E–TOPS and Non E–TOPS

Extended–Range Twin Engine Operational Performance Standards provide guidance limits on the distance twin engine aircraft can fly from potential diversion airfields. NEXUS supports both E–TOPS and non E–TOPS flight plans and has expertise in both.

Plot Plan

NEXUS provides visual displays of the plot plan. These can be shown as a map or an overlay showing outlines of areas covered by an aircraft flight as a visual representation for convenience of the crew.

Flight Dispatch Services

Flight Dispatch takes control of the aircraft’s day to day operations including the planning and monitoring of each flight. Flight Dispatchers jointly share the major decision making and the responsibility of the safety of a flight with the flight crews. Dispatchers conduct all of the necessary pre-planning, flight monitoring, en–route assistance and coordination of every flight 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Flight Logs/ Recording Keeping

Availability of accurate aircraft data at all times is important for monitoring flight progress and status. Historical data also helps in better scheduling and planning. Preventive maintenance to keep aircraft flying with high reliability requires that accurate performance data is available for the maintenance crew.

Maintaining accurate flight logs and records is essential for regulatory compliance as well as aircraft maintenance and general record keeping. Civil Aviation Authorities require that flight data be retained for 6 years. NEXUS maintains updated records for the flights it supports. Data is saved and archived in electronic format for easy retrieval when needed.

Crew Briefing

NEXUS provides flight crews with a single source for all information they need: wind and weather maps, information on airspace and flight timetables, and all data on passengers and baggage on board.

ATC Filing

NEXUS manages ATC filings on behalf of its clients. The ATC Filing provides a forum for submitting a flight plan to the relevant authorities.

Airport Categorization

Airport Categorization refers to the different classifications of airports as defined by the Civil Aviation Authorities. The law defines airports by categories of airport activities, including commercial service, primary, cargo service, reliever, and general aviation airports. NEXUS makes this information available to its customers as requested.

Airport Slots Coordination

NEXUS provides aircraft for slot allocation, schedules facilitation and schedule data collection at several major airports and generally provides a wide range of services to the aviation industry.

Flight Manual Preparation

NEXUS prepares flight manual documentation and other essential documentation for safe flights and provides the necessary documentation to ensure that the aircraft operations are smooth and trouble-free.

Aircraft & Crew Scheduling and Planning

NEXUS performs all aspects of aircraft and flight crew scheduling and planning, ensuring that all flights are conducted within regulatory limits and at the highest level of safety.

Services Excellence

In addition to Flight Operations Center services, NEXUS also offers to its customers a variety of other support services.

Customer Excellence Services

NEXUS provides additional services that are often requested by customers.

Meet and Assist Services

NEXUS meets and greets the customer and provides ground assistance services as requested.

Rent-A-Car & Chauffer Driven Car arrangements

NEXUS arranges to provide the Rent-A-Car and Chauffer Driven Car services upon request from its customers.

Sight Seeing Arrangements

NEXUS arranges for sightseeing for the passengers and/or crew, as requested.

Travel Insurance Arrangements

NEXUS makes Travel Insurance arrangements for the customers as requested.

Catering Services

NEXUS has established relationships with several high-quality flight catering companies to provide customized meal options for its customers. NEXUS coordinates individually with its clients to customize flight menus to meet any unique dietary needs or desires.

Hotel Arrangements

Hotel arrangements can be provided as a service to both passengers and flight crews.

VISA Arrangements

NEXUS arranges for VISAs for its clients for the countries to be visited and provides complete documentation, as required.

Account Management

NEXUS provides complete Account Management services to ensure that the customer is worry-free throughout the duration of the journey.

Concierge Services

NEXUS offers a 24/7 global concierge service to its clients. These services are available to NEXUS’ VIP clients as a courtesy and without service charges. Our concierge services are a key differentiator for NEXUS and provide a great value addition to our excellent flight operations and flight support services.

With decades of experience in the industry, NEXUS is equipped and trained to provide all of the necessary services that ensure that the VIP’s expectations are exceeded.

A few examples of the concierge services we provide:

Travel boutique

To handle short breaks, business trips and holiday planning;

Home, yacht, and aircraft comforts

To manage requests from Interior design, furnishings, management service, maintenance, etc;


Acquire tickets to events and access to the VIP guest lists of worldwide clubs and bars;

Gourmet Club

Secure restaurant reservations globally, identify and engage top-rated chefs and waiters, and arrange first class catering for in-house and destination dining;


Personal shopping for exclusive gifts with a global network of high-end retailers;


Arrange for beauty treatments, spa treatments, hair salon appointments, golf, yoga etc;

Special date reminder

We can contact you to remind you of special dates such as birthdays, anniversaries etc.


Global concierge service.

Crew Services

NEXUS researches lodging options and makes hotel arrangements for the flight crew at each destination. In addition, Meet and Assist Services, Rent–A–Car and Chauffer Driven Car arrangements, Sight Seeing Arrangements, Travel Insurance and Travel Arrangements (Airline and Ground) can also be provided.

Security Services

NEXUS partners with a specialized security services firm to provide security solutions to its clients. The following security services would be available.

Aircraft Security

The aircraft can be vulnerable to damage and tampering from malicious individuals and organizations. NEXUS provides security to the aircraft when it is parked on the ground.

Crew Security

The aircraft crew needs to be insulated from any localized threats and disturbances so they can perform their duties without any distractions or fear. NEXUS provides the crew with security cover to ensure their safety in any region of the world.

Passenger Security

On request, special security arrangements can be made for the passengers of the aircraft.

Security Reports

Security assessments and reports for destinations can be provided to NEXUS clients as needed.

Airport Assessment

Airports are assessed for security risks and the reports shared with the customers to make informed decisions and take adequate precautions, where necessary.

City Assessment

Similar to the airport assessment, the destination city and its points of interest for the customer can be assessed for security risks and threats.

Hotel Assessment

Hotel assessment are also provided as a special service to our customers.

Country Assessment

Country assessments evaluate the risks associated with traveling to the country.

Executive Protection

Executive Protection or “bodyguards” can be provided to high risk individuals on request.

Secure Transportation

Secure transportation can be made available on request where our customers feel a threat to their well being from using normal means of transport.

Safety & Quality Management Services

Safety & Quality is the foundation of a successful business, and if not integrated properly can cost airlines valuable time and money.

Without a solid Quality program, business tends to slip out of control quickly. Quality management services provide tools and expertise to measure progress to achieve client’s goals, assess their status in the process, and estimate the duration required to reach set milestones.

Safety management is about controlling exposure to conditions that can lead to disaster or business failure from hazardous situations and conditions. In the world of aviation, safety is the main focus to any successful program. Without using best industry practices and effectively managing the process, all the profits can go in trying to fix unsafe conditions, lose operating certificate, or even risk the death of an employee. With a safety plan and program, aviation organizations can become cost-effective and budget conscience while improving bottom line, protecting business and people.

NEXUS can implement a complete turnkey Safety & Quality system for your company, or we can contract to manage your Safety & Quality system annually in case you do not have the manpower or systems to support a program in-house. The Safety and Quality Management services include internal audits of the company, external audits of your suppliers, assisting you in writing manuals, and editing or simply reviewing your systems for best industry practices. We also help our clients to achieve ISO 900 standards and registration, among other accreditations.

NEXUS Flight Operations Services has been named a fully authorized IS-BAO support Services Affiliate (SSA). This means that NEXUS Flight Operations Services has met the requirements of, and is in compliances with SSA Policy 2012-04. With this authorization we are allowed to act as a consultant to other companies to develop their own IS-BAO program, and we can support their planning, development and help to facilitate their own internal IS-BAO program and its implementation.

Aircraft Dispatch Training

Initial Training

NEXUS offers both a comprehensive initial dispatch training course as well as recurrent training for dispatchers who want to keep their skills sharp.

NEXUS provides a Civil Aviation approved course to thoroughly prepare students for a career in aviation as an Aircraft Dispatcher.

The course is full-time and with a total of 240 hours learning time including an extra 40 hours of practical training, which exceeds current civil aviation regulatory course requirements. The course is in compliance with major Civil Aviation Authority regulatory requirements such as FAA and EASA and is also approved by the Bahrain and Saudi Arabia Civil Authorities.

On completion of the course, students are eligible to apply for dispatcher licenses under these authorities via the normal application process.

Courses offered at our learning centers cover all required areas of knowledge including:

Recurrent Training

Refresh your knowledge and expand your skills with our Recurrent Dispatch Course. Learn to use your resource management skills in everyday job-related activities as we tailor recurrent training to meet the specific requirements of your individual operators.

The Dispatch Recurrent Course is held over three days and is for those who already hold a dispatch certificate. Topics covered are – in addition to the dispatch topics – practical dispatching, resource management and company operation specifications.

Moreover, the Dispatch Resource Management Course benefits any team interested in improving their performance and reducing the margin of human error.

Recurrent training typically includes a range of key topics such as:

Maintenance Management Services

NEXUS will manage the Continuing Airworthiness of a clients’ non-commercial aircraft, including those services offered in the ‘basic CAM (Continuing Airworthiness Management) package’ below.

Basic CAM package consisting of:

Personal Global Support

NEXUS offers total personal support to any company looking to set up and maintain offices in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and/or any part of the world.

A highly qualified, diverse and professional team will aid any company in their move to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and tend to every step from A to Z. This includes everything from the major changes such as sorting out visa documentation, registering the company and finding the perfect offices, to more minor details such as where to source comfortable desk chairs and how to get the best deal on equipment.

The team not only offer expert advice, but also provides a personnel who physically completes every task for the client. We purchase various infrastructure (furniture, telecommunications, IT, etc) required to set up the office.

Basically, NEXUS can provide all those things that a new organization in Saudi Arabia can’t anticipate. Overall, our team is there to make the move as smooth as possible and ensure that our clients have the finest advice and knowledge necessary to work in the Kingdom, no matter where they come from.

Moreover, NEXUS stays with the client as long as you required. Once client office is set up, we can help with maintenance, new visas, problem solving, branching out in the country, winning new business and getting in touch with relevant contacts. All a client need to do is, provide us with the information we need to do the best possible job with no extraneous worries.