January 31, 2024, Las Vegas, Nevada; Nexus Aviation Ventures today announced that it has signed a lease agreement with BBN Airlines based in Istanbul, Turkey for one Airbus A321-200 passenger aircraft.

MSN 2916 is currently located in Tucson, Arizona undergoing its predelivery checks for BBN. BBN is a Turkish airline focused on the ACMI markets. Strategically located in Istanbul, the airline currently operates a fleet of Airbus passenger and cargo aircraft.

 “We are pleased to announce our lease agreement with BBN Airlines. The A321 is a great narrowbody and will allow BBN to serve their ever-growing passenger needs. I look forward to a long-term relationship with our friends at BBN.” said Pablo Aguirre, Chief Commercial Officer of Nexus Aviation Ventures.

“We are excited about the lease agreement with Nexus Aviation Ventures for the Airbus A321-200. This acquisition aligns with our strategic goals of expanding our presence in the ACMI market. The A321’s efficiency and passenger capacity make it an ideal choice for meeting the demands of our growing clientele,” said Goksenin Seyhan, Managing Director at BBN Airlines.

MSN 2916 is one of two aircraft acquired by Nexus in 2023. The sistership, MSN 2919, is currently undergoing freighter conversion in Xiamen, China and will be available at the end of March for lease. Both aircraft are 2006 vintage A321-200 V2533-A5 powered aircraft.

About Nexus Aviation Ventures

Nexus Aviation Ventures is a joint venture between AMTRA Aero and Nehalem Aviation Holdings. Nexus is focused on building its portfolio of A321-200 aircraft in both passenger and freighter configurations.

About BBN Airlines

BBN Airlines, established in March 2023 and based in Istanbul and Antalya, Türkiye, is a dynamic air carrier offering top-notch ACMI and charter services. With an initial fleet of four high-density Airbus A321s and an A320, BBN Airlines swiftly entered the passenger market and later on started utilizing two A321-P2F freighters in the air cargo sector, providing secure and efficient charter services and extra capacity provision. The airline’s commitment to meeting client demands with trust, care, and positivity sets it apart. Looking ahead, BBN Airlines plans to expand its passenger and cargo fleet, adding one more A320 and another A321-P2F to have a total of 10 aircraft by April this year, enhancing capacity and meeting the escalating demand for air travel and transport services, positioning itself as a key player in the ACMI, holiday charter, and cargo market.